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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is your charity center reliable?
Our center has not been involved in any project or activity that would cause conflict or doubt, and has managed to become one of the leading organizations of our country in a short time, with the confidence of all its donors and volunteers. In addition, the activities and financial movements of our center are regularly audited by an independent audit firm by the Ministries.
What is the purpose of your center?
Primarily, education and humanitarian aid works; in any part of the world, regardless of region, creed, language, or race, have suffered distress, disaster, persecution, starvation or exposure; has been victimized by reasons such as war, natural disaster; It aims to provide humanitarian aid to homeless and homeless people, and to raise conscious generations who work with the effort of living and keeping the good, the beauty, the just and beneficial and aiming at these principles.
Do you have any political affiliation?
Our center is not affiliated with any ideological movement or political party.
Is there an audit during and after the aid process?
It is regularly audited by official authorities. In addition, all our activity reports, especially documents related to our aid programs and projects, can be reviewed whenever deemed necessary. Our donors can observe the activities we have done in the country or abroad if they wish. However, the expenses of private individuals and institutions that want to make audits are not covered by our foundation. Private individuals can control all our work at their own expense.
What are the activities carried out abroad?
Water Well, Food Aid, Blanket, Permanent Projects, Aid Box, Emergency Humanitarian Aid, Orphan Works