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About Us

Ten years ago, in June 2013, Arvind Narula, Richard Blossom and Markus Dietrich founded Hilltribe Organics (HTO) in the Wawee Valley of Northern Thailand. The goal was to revitalize poor hilltribe farming communities through organic agriculture.

Hilltribe Organics Organic Free-Range Eggs quickly became a success as the Company innovated with the first organic eggs, the first free-range eggs, the first biodegradable packaging and the first fully traceable product of any kind in Thailand. But it was the great taste of HTO eggs that helped the brand grow and to continue to lead the category, even as many other brands were inspired to enter the market.

But while HTO continues to grow, there are still many farmers using conventional agriculture practices, including noxious chemicals and pesticides. So HTO established the Wawee Valley Foundation in 2022 to develop practices and a master plan for converting the entire Wawee Valley to Regenerative Organic Agriculture. Earth University, the leading agricultural university in Latin America has embraced that vision and agreed to collaborate, sharing their extensive best practices.

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Our Charity Association With Numbers

Numerical statistics section of the aid provided by our charity center from past to present

Water Well

With the donations collected, we provided water aid to people in need.

Food Box

With the donations collected, we provided food parcels to families in need.

Blanket Aid

With the donations collected, we provided blanket aid to people in need.

Bread Aid

With the donations collected, we provided bread aid to people in need.

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